Shiners Tom Clukey (front center), George Watson – Circus Chairman, Bob “Boomer” Palmer, and Jim Dwyer (back left to right) think that Rotarians George McLaughlin and Ryan Cormier (front left and right, respectively) could make great clowns during the upcoming Anah Shrine Circus.

Shiners Tom, George, “Boomer”, and Jim visited with the Fort Fairfield Rotary Club at a recent weekly meeting and discussed the upcoming Anah Shrine Circus, Presque Isle Forum, May 3-5, 2012. This year’s 2012 circus marks the 49th consecutive year for the circus. The Shriners provided a circus overview (tigers, and aerial acts, and clowns, oh my!) together with a presentation on the effort needed to make such an undertaking successful, noting that many of the more than 400 “County” Shriners and their ladies serve as circus volunteers.

Additional information may be found by visiting the circus website: