Mari-Jo Hedman, FFMHS Music Department, accepts "Happy Dollars" donation from club President, Tracy Copeland 

The club held its annual Christmas/New Year’s seasonal meeting at the Fort Fairfield Middle/High School (FFMHS) recently. Rotarians are very happy at this time of year and raising $300 during “Happy Dollars” donated these funds to the Fort Fairfield Elementary School to purchase warm winter clothing for youngsters who might not otherwise have mittens, caps, gloves or the like. School staff being very much aware of needs administer the winter clothing program for the club. Mari-Jo Hedman, Music Department, accepted the donation on the school’s behalf from club President, Tracy Copeland. During the meeting a FFMHS choral group, under Mari-Jo’s direction, provided seasonal musical selections with club members joining in on several selections. The school’s cafeteria staff provided an excellent breakfast. Cliff Rhome, District 7810, Area 1, Assistant Governor (AG) and wife Debbie (both Limestone club Rotarians) together with Floyd Rockholt, former Area 1 AG and Presque Isle Rotary club member visited with us for the festivities. 

The club wants to thank all these members who volunteered to provide seasonal selections at the meeting. 

Delightful seasonal pieces provided by the coral group. 

Mari-Jo accompanies the coral group.