The Fort Fairfield Rotary Club hosted Frank Bemis and Gina LeBlanc-Eggert, Presque Isle Rotary Club members, along with Dr. Norma Desjardins as a guest speaker during a recent meeting.  The Presque Isle Rotary Club’s 64th Rotary Auction is November 29, 30 and December 1st and the St. Apollonia Dental Clinic is the club's 2011 Special Project recipient. Therefore, the Presque Isle Rotary Club pledged to raise at least $25,000 towards this effort to benefit many community children in The County.  Dr. Norma Desjardins, Clinic Director, provided a presentation which included the clinic vision and mission statements, the abundant need, and clinic sustainability plan.

St. Apollonia Dental Clinic is a nonprofit organization which seeks to aid those most in need of dental services; particularly, Aroostook County children and adolescents who have no access to dental care. The primary goal is to provide a dental home which consists of ongoing quality dental preventive and restorative services and to educate patients and their parents, guardians, or caregivers on continued dental care. The clinic seeks to reach out to the most vulnerable, dentally needy Aroostook County population.

Janet Kelle(left), Fort Fairfield Rotary Club President, Gina LeBlanc-Eggert, Presque Isle Rotary Club member, Dr. Norma Desjardins, Clinic Director, Frank Bemis, Presque Isle Rotary Club member.