Since being chartered in 1978 the club has been continuously involved in numerous community and international service projects. Some have been one-time financial or hands-on support projects, while others are recurring annual events in both category types.

The below listing provides a few examples:

  • Fort Fairfield Community Pool
  • FFHS Graduating Senior Scholarships – Annually
  • Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner (Annually – over 25 years)
  • Maine Veterans Projects
  • Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp Program
  • Rotary Spirit Student Award (FFHS – Grades 9-12)
  • International Service Projects, e.g., Disaster Relief Shelter Boxes (Teamed with Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada Rotary Club)
  • Fort Fairfield Riverside Park Pavilion
  • Maine Potato Blossom Festival [TM(1)] (MPBF)
  • Girl and Boy Scouts Team Support
  • Survivor Aroostook Camp
  • Bicycle Rodeo – Annually in concert with the MPBF
  • FFMHS Christmas Project – Annually at FFHS
  • International Clean Water for Schools Well Drilling
  • St. Apollonia Dental Clinic – Teamed with Presque Isle Rotary Club
  • Homeless Shelter of Aroostook (Sister Mary O'Donnell Homeless Shelter)
  • Central America Orthodontics Mission
  • Perth-Andover, NB, Canada 2012 Flood Relief

1 Maine Potato Blossom Festival (TM) is a trademark registered with the State of Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions.